Hi, my name is Damjan Dimitrov Software Engineer & Full-Stack Web Developer

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About Me

I am a Software Engineer, Computer Science graduate and IT Consultant with a strong foundation in full-stack web development. As a developer with expertise in Angular, .NET, and Node.JS, I have exceptional understanding of both front-end and back-end web development. I am proficient in full stack web development with a particular focus on scripting and automation. With a passion for continuous learning and improvement, I have also gained significant skills and knowledge in Web3 and Bot development.

I excel at creating intuitive, user-friendly web applications that are visually appealing and easy to navigate. My proficiency in Angular and .NET allows me to build efficient and scalable solutions that can handle large amounts of data and traffic. I am also experienced in developing APIs and microservices using Node.JS or Python, allowing me to create seamless integrations with other systems and platforms.

In addition to my technical skills, I am a strong problem-solver and have a keen eye for detail. I am able to take on complex projects and see them through to completion, delivering high-quality results on time and within budget. Whether working solo, on a small agile team or a larger, more structured project, I am able to adapt and excel in any environment.

I am confident in my ability to bring value to any organization and am excited to continue learning and growing as a full stack developer.

Skills and competences

Web development

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Server-side development

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Databases & Networks

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Scripting, Version Control & Unit Testing

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Achievements and Certifications

A curated list of my achievements and certifications I have gained and accomplished over time

Education and Work Experience

The Apillon platform serves as a unified gateway to the Web3 services provided by linked Polkadot parachains. Following the multi-chain vision, Apillon powers the transition of developers to Web3, simplifying its adoption in the real economy, and expanding its versatility as the ecosystem grows. With Apillon, Web3 services are within reach for every developer, regardless of their background and experience with blockchain technology.

  • Led the development of maritime software solutions using Angular as a Frontend technology and ASP.NET Core as a Backend technology, resulting in an improvement in developer experience and user engagement.
  • Implemented and maintained databases, remote servers, virtual containers and networks, ensuring 99.9% uptime and reduced system downtime.
  • Spearheaded the development of cross-platform mobile applications using Ionic Angular, enabling port operators to streamline their workflows and mitigate error occurrence.
  • Implemented robust cybersecurity measures, including secure coding practices, regular vulnerability assessments and demonstrated expertise in cybersecurity best practices, which contributed to the successful deployment of the application.
  • Utilized DevOps principles such as Gitlab CI/CD to automate the deployment process, resulting in a 50% decrease in deployment time. Demonstrated expertise in version control, unit testing, server pool management, and DNS, which significantly contributed to project success.

  • Achieved a Top Rated Plus badge within the first year, an award given to the top 3% best performing freelancers on the platform.
  • Successfully managed part-time freelance projects alongside full-time employment, demonstrating exceptional time management and multitasking skills.
  • Developed and implemented various projects, ranging between scripts, automations, web apps, API development, discord bots, and trading bots, showcasing proficiency in Typescript, JavaScript, Python, Angular REST API and more.
  • Collaborated closely with clients to understand requirements, deliver tailored solutions, and consistently meet project deadlines.
  • Contract work in the role of a software developer, tester and consultant
  • Providing software solution recommendations and testing applications for particular problems needing to be tackled
  • Acquired experience with Java backend development, REST API and Android mobile development.
  • I completed my bachelor studies in computer science and informatics at the Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies (FAMNIT), at the University of Primorska. During my studies I acquired a large set of skills and fundamentals in the fields of programming, software engineering, computer networks, data structures and algorithms, system design and operating systems.

  • Member of a small local game development team
  • Developed an online platform play-to-earn game
  • Java as server-side and Javascript as client-side technology
  • More info can be found on this link
  • My Projects

    A collection of some of the projects I have developed



    CodeScribe is an AI code, component and class generator. It is a web app built using Angular and Kendo UI. It leverages OpenAI's Codex Model for precise and accurate code generation. It offers various features noted on the website.

    Web App link

    SOL Decoder

    SOL Decoder is a Web3 tool for Solana blockchain NFT and token tracking and discord bot utilities such as engage-2-earn. Provides aggregated data from private Discord channels, Twitter accounts and Web3 companies.

    Public webpage Discord link
    discord logo

    Discord Bots

    Built a large set of Discord bots for many discord servers which had a purpose of increasing engagement, security and adding another layer of verification to the servers. They can be interacted with through slash commands.

    Metaobjects website Ryborgs website

    Art Plugged Network

    Art Plugged Network is an NFT marketplace, storefront and auction house for indepenendent artists who wish to sell their artwork in the form of digital art. The project is built on top of Metaplex and the Solana blockchain.

    Public webpage Github repository link

    Road To Successful Investing

    Built a fully responsive, mobile-friendly webpage for a site that is selling an investing guidebook for beginners. Built with HTML, SCSS, JS and Bootstrap. The website's performance was graded 96/100 according to Google Lighthouse

    Link to website


    A mobile app built during a 20-hour programming hackathon. It is meant to recommend you foods to eat for a whole week and what groceries to buy for them. Built using Ionic 6, Angular NodeJS+Express and MongoDB.

    Github repository link

    Angular URL Preview

    Author of an NPM package - Angular UI card component which fetches and displays metadata from a URL (title, description, image and site name). It uses a proxy to bypass CORS restrictions and gathers data via the Open Graph protocol.

    NPM package Github repository link


    ADA.lovelace is an automated trading algorithm that is meant to maximize the return on investment of the underlying assets. The backtest of the previous 18 months shows a market outperformance of more than 8 times. The algorithmic bot is published on the Bots app under the name "ADA.lovelace" and is currently trading live 24/7.

    Bots app Bot link (mobile only)
    Grocery Dropping

    Grocery Dropping

    Online grocery shopping information system built in Angular 9 using RxJS, NgBootstrap and Firebase Cloud storage. Firebase is used as the underlying cloud data storage, authentication and hosting provider

    Demo link Github repository link
    Address Book

    Address Book

    Address Book CRUD Web Application built using ASP.NET MVC Framework, REST API, Entity Framework and MySQL database. Built on top of .NET Core 3.1 and utilizes Razor Pages for the user interface.

    Github repository link

    2048 Autoplayer

    Autoplayer bot coded in Python for the game 2048. Uses the Selenium headless browsing and browser manipulation tool to play the game automagically in the browser

    Github repository link Original game link
    Hungry Hole

    Hungry Hole

    Augmented Reality 3D Game built in Unity using Vuforia AR Engine. The game is available for Android and iOS, or it can be played on a desktop system. It includes various game modes.

    Gitlab repository link Demo video


    Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock, interactive game built in 3 runtime modes - Sequential, Parallel, or Distributed

    Game repository link Run-modes repository link
    Chat Bot

    Chat Bot

    Simple chat bot interface desktop application programmed in Java by using the Acobot API and the JavaFX Framework. Free and fun to use.

    Github repository link